Just say it…



She wakes up on a drowsy Monday morning. She showers and eats her regular breakfast. Surprisingly there’s enough time to actually get ready and wear something decent, so she spends extra time looking through her closet. She decides on the casual look, it doesn’t take her long to put something together.


It’s the first class of the day, she regretfully decided to sign up for. At this time of the morning, most people are quiet as she travels to and from her destinations. Maybe they are daydreaming? Thinking about the entire day in front of them? Perhaps they just don’t find interest in anything before 10:00AM. She pays attention to her classmates. Who’s absent, who looks nice, who doesn’t. There’s a lot of variety at 8:00AM. She notices the girl next to her has wonderfully blue eyes as she feels eyes watching. She then ponders about eye color in general. She decides to say something. “Wow, you have amazing eyes. I don’t want to sound creepy, but they’re beautiful!” Blue eyes reacts with ambiance and humbly accepts the compliment.


Blue Eyes started the day nervously because of an important presentation that her grade depended on. She stayed up late the night before just going over it all, just trying to make it memorable. She vehemently wishes she didn’t have to spend her time in lecture before her next class, but sits down in the fifth row to the back wall. There’s only two hours left until her presentation. The clock ticks. She’s never liked speaking out in front of people before. Blue Eyes halfway pays attention to the words being discharged from her professor. She turns notices that the girl next to her has the same backpack as her. Blue Eyes lightly scans her seat neighbor, unfortunately¬† meeting eyes in a quick encounter. “Wow, you have amazing eyes. I don’t want to sound creepy, but they’re beautiful!” Blue Eyes immediately feels a pang of guilt for wishing she didn’t make eye contact. Then she smiles.


It’s time for Blue Eyes to present, and she’s feeling not-so-bad. For some mysterious reason, she is feeling more confident. She doesn’t look around the room to count the people. She just breaths in and out. Blue Eyes feels the energy of the class and begins her presentation. She promptly smiles and it all becomes easier.


The Monday morning is going better than she’d expected. Her outfit is surprisingly not as uncomfortable as she figured it would be. Everything is better after 8:00 she thought…

She’s at a crowded Starbucks, noticing all the people around her. It looks like people look better around 10:30.


It is unfortunate that we don’t speak our minds when we have a compliment to give. Why don’t we say we appreciate someone’s style when they sit next to us at a crowded coffee shop. When someone looks you in the eye and you think they’re beautiful, you should tell them because it can change their day and perhaps their life.

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